Trauma Outreach

In keeping with Good Samaritan Medical Center's mission to improve the health of the people and communities we serve, members of the trauma team also provide community outreach programs to promote trauma awareness and injury prevention.

EMS Conferences

EMS Conferences are held in the spring and the fall every year. These are half or full-day conferences that provide continuing education credits for EMS and RNs on a variety of emergency conditions.

Foothills Regional Emergency Medical & Trauma Advisory Council (RETAC)

Foothills RETAC is a non-profit planning and advisory council serving Boulder, Clear Creek, Gilpin, Grand, & Jefferson Counties. Committees focus on planning and executing a regional MCI plan, providing community based Injury Prevention and delivering expert Clinical Care when dealing with emergency medicine and trauma. Learn more about them »

Trauma Symposium

Trauma Symposium is a conference held annually to provide continuing education for clinical staff on all units caring for trauma patients.

Prehospital Trauma Grand Rounds (formerly Trauma Team Activation Reviews)

EMS agencies and hospital clinical staff our invited to attend a monthly case review where feedback and education are collaboratively shared while discussing trending topics, protocols, clinical practice and ‘What Would You Do’ scenarios. Scene, transport, ED notification, handoff, clinical care and disposition as well as protocols, policies and trending topics are reviewed to ensure best patient care.

Trauma Support Group

This group meets monthly and offers survivors of traumatic injury and their caregivers an opportunity to come together as a community and provide support to one another. This group is affiliated with Trauma Survivors Network. à (

Falls Prevention

In partnership with Boulder County Area on Aging, evidence-based Matter of Balance Classes are taught on a regular basis. Learn more about and schedule this six-week class ».

Trauma Grand Rounds

Trauma Grand Rounds are held quarterly and provide continuing trauma education to physicians, nurses, and EMS providers.

ThinkFirst Foothills RETAC

ThinkFirst Foothills RETAC is a chapter of a national injury prevention program aimed at prevention of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. This program includes school curriculums for grades 1 through 12. The middle and high school programs incorporate the use of a VIP (Voice for Injury Prevention) speaker. Our VIP is Jade Roch von Rochsburg.

To schedule a presentation or obtain information on any of our community services listed above, contact Christina Norman, Trauma Outreach/Education/Injury Prevention Coordinator at 303-689-4623 or