Baby's First Ride

Have you thought about installing your baby's car seat?

We know how important it is to safely secure your new, precious cargo. Unfortunately, 80 to 90 percent of car seats are installed incorrectly.

It is vitally important that it be installed correctly to keep your baby safe, and that's why Baby's First Ride is a free service offered to all families who deliver at Good Samaritan Medical Center. Simply call the Baby's First Ride reservation line and make an appointment to have a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician check the installation of your seat.

Appointments can be made before you deliver or made early in your stay after birth. The average inspection takes between 15 and 25 minutes.

Please allow extra time if you have additional child seats. Baby's First Ride is a free service to you for as long as your baby is in a car seat.

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Patient Letter

“We received your letter asking for feedback about the Baby’s First Ride program. We used the service while in the hospital with our first baby and thank God we did. My husband and I were in an automobile accident two weeks after our daughter’s birth and our car was totaled. Our daughter escaped the crash with no harm because the car seat protected her, my husband and I had only minor injuries thanks to the air bags. The firemen who helped get our daughter out of the car asked where we learned to install the car seat because it had been put in perfectly! We told him that it was done through the Baby’s First Ride program at one of your hospitals. He seemed very impressed and said that it surely was what kept her safe in the crash. We are thankful beyond words for your help and we strongly believe that all hospitals should have a similar service to help new parents keep their babies safe! Keep up the good work!”

Call the Baby's First Ride reservation line at 303-908-8326.

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