Baby Friendly Hospital

The Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative is an international program of the World Health Organization and UNICEF that supports breastfeeding for all babies. Good Samaritan Medical Center is the first hospital in Colorado and the 55th in the nation to become a Baby Friendly hospital.

Why is it important to choose a Baby Friendly hospital?

Baby Friendly birth facilities and their physicians and staff have taken special steps and attended hours of additional education to create the best possible environment for successful breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding offers an unmatched beginning for newborns. Human milk provides the most complete nutrition possible with the optimal mix of nutrients and antibodies for each baby to thrive. Scientific studies show that breastfed babies have fewer and less serious illnesses than those who never receive breast milk.

Care at a Baby Friendly hospital is unique because we will:

  • Place your baby directly against mother’s skin and assist with breastfeeding immediately after birth.
  • Discourage the use of pacifiers until after breastfeeding is well-established.
  • Care for your baby at your bedside, not in the nursery. This way, we can teach you about your baby’s "readiness to eat" signals and you do not have to be separated from your baby.
  • Discourage bottles or formula supplements for breastfed babies unless medically necessary.

Mothers who choose to breastfeed are healthier.

Recent studies show that women who breastfeed enjoy decreased risks of breast and ovarian cancer, anemia and osteoporosis. Both mother and baby enjoy the emotional benefits of the very special and close relationship formed through breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is economical.

Since breastfeeding is free, it provides cost savings of formula and bottles and savings from sick visits to the doctor as children who are breastfed are generally more healthy. Since breastfeeding saves money, parents feel less financial pressure and take pride in knowing they are able to give their babies the very best.

Ask the experts. Our lactation specialists at the Center for Childbirth can answer all your questions about breastfeeding and being a Baby Friendly hospital.

Call today for more information at 303-689-4766 and download our Baby Friendly brochure to share with your partner.