Hands and Wrists

  • Wrist joint replacement
    • If painful arthritis cannot be resolved using other treatments, this outpatient surgery can provide relief. An incision is made on the back of the wrist, where the damaged ends of the lower arm bones are removed and the first row of carpal bones may also be removed. The prosthesis is inserted into the center of the radius bone on the outside of the lower arm and held in place with bone cement. The carpal component is then inserted into the center hand bone (third metacarpal) or screwed into the remaining row of carpal bones. Bone cement may be used to hold the component in place. This surgery can help increase wrist strength and motion for many patients.
  • Endoscopic carpal tunnel release
    • An operation where a small incision is made in the wrist and palm and an endoscope is used to visualize the carpal ligament which is then cut under careful visualization. By using this technique, it is believed that the skin and soft tissue of the palm can be preserved and therefore result in less post-operative pain and more rapid recovery.
  • Reconstructive hand surgery
    • A procedure in which form and function of the hand is restored after injury, disease, or deformity. Reconstructive hand surgery can involve the reconstruction, repair or replacement of bones, muscles, tendons, joints, skin, and/or other tissues.
  • Finger implant