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New Dad Serving in Iraq Meets Daughter for First Time

January 29, 2008
KWGN TV/Channel 2 New dad serving in Iraq meets daughter for first time Satellite technology makes the meeting possible by Laura Main, News2 January 19, 2008 DENVER (KWGN) — A Colorado dad serving in Iraq called home Friday to check in, just as his daughter was being born! Saturday he got to see his baby girl for the first time via satellite. It was a high-tech family reunion. "Can you say hi to your Daddy?" Amee Tanksley asked her son Dillon. It's been awhile since Dillon has seen his dad. "You doing okay, Daddy?" he asked the smiling image on a giant projection screen in his mom's hospital room. The giant image of his father's head responds, "I'm good, buddy, are you okay?" Corporal Nick Jenkins has been gone for months, serving in Fallujah, Iraq. Amee smiles at the video conferencing camera mounted on a laptop computer by her hospital bed and says, "I miss you!" Saturday, the family got to spend some quality time together via satellite. And Nick got to meet his newborn daughter for the very first time. "I can see her, she looks beautiful, " he said. Alyson was born Friday,. She's 6 pounds, 12 ounces and a little tired from coming into the world. In fact, she slept through most of the video conference. Mom, on the other hand, got a little emotional. Amee said, "It's been really tough, but we believe in what he's doing and what he's fighting for so we make those sacrifices and pray that he'll come home and it's worth it in the long run." And Nick's mom got in front of the camera to pass on some advice, "You're doing a great thing there and we're taking care of things here, so you just take care of yourself and everything's going to be good." Dillon, who's been the man of the house while dad's away, had some words of wisdom for dad too, "Be good. Be safe too, " said Dillon. Nick promised him, "I will, buddy." This is Corporal Jenkins' third deployment in five years. He hopes to be home to meet Alyson in person in a couple of months. Copyright © 2008, KWGN