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At Good Samaritan Medical Center, our more than 2,000 healthcare providers and hospital staff follow a simple tenet: the patient and family are the center of every thought, communication, and action.

At our very core, we are people healing people. 

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Health is a journey that begins with exceptional care.


PHP Mike Small

Mike, 39, was in the driver's seat on his way to the hospital when he had a heart attack. Thanks to incredible timing and dedication, now he's back to being Dad.

"My goal was to get back up playing basketball and coaching soccer. So the nurses would come in with their standard plan and adjust it for me. The level of care was exceptional."

The team at Good Samaritan Medical Center not only got Mike back on his feet quickly with a non-invasive procedure, they also made sure his rehab program was fit for a young dad with an active family.

Nicole & Roni

PHP Nicole Small

When she was 33 weeks pregnant, Nicole suddenly needed an emergency c-section, and her newborn had to go to the NICU. Now they’re all healthy — and all smiles.

“The nurses and the staff were so wonderful to us. It actually inspired me to go to school to become a nurse.”

As a parent-to-be, you want to make sure you and your baby are getting the best care. That’s why we’re prepared for anything.

Learn more about the personalized care and comprehensive services Saint Joseph Hospital promises to every patient.


PHP Pam Small

Pam was having the best day of her life, until she got the worst news of her life: breast cancer. Lutheran Medical Center gave her the medical care she needed to regain her health, and the emotional support she needed to feel like herself again.

“One of the most important things the hospital provided for me was just a flood of resources. It was the support part that really got me through.”

At Lutheran Medical Center, we’re dedicated to caring for your whole health. Learn more about the personalized care and comprehensive services we deliver.